Elementary Os 0.4.1 on HP spectre X360

Sun, Apr 29, 2018 11:47 CEST

Tags: , Elementary OS, HP spectre X360, UEFI

Works well.

plug usb


esc esc esc esc

BIOS Setup > System Configuration > System Power Scheme SET TO [Balance]

save and exit

esc esc esc esc

boot from usb (UEFI)

install elementary OS

warning: if LVM + encrypt the password will be in qwerty because the keyboard choice is after. The account password will be in the layout you choose.


remove usb


AppCenter > Updates

install nvidia and intel drivers

install OS updates


System Settings > Mouse & Touchpad > Pointer speed: maximum

System Settings > User Accounts > Guest Session > unlock > disable guest account

NVIDIA X Server Settings > PRIME Profile > Intel (Power Saving Mode)


gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface scaling-factor 3

System Settings > Desktop > Dock > Icon size: Large

System Settings > Power > Automatically adjust brightness System Settings > Power > Turn off display when inactive for: 15 min System Settings > Power > Power button: Suspend System Settings > Power > On Battery > Dim display when inactive System Settings > Power > On Battery > Sleep when inactive for: 30 min System Settings > Power > Plugged In > Sleep when inactive for: Never

Battery > Show Percentage


AppCenter > install Firefox

… change encryption password to use correct layout

… xinput disable 11 for writing

… -quiet splash grub + mkgrubbrol?